En Vers Libre vinyl dedicace

Zouzou – En vers Libre Vinyl LP DEDICATED


Beautiful vinyl LP of Zouzou’s latest album, personally signed and dedicated by Zouzou.  Don’t forget to the name for the dedication in the comments field when you place your order.

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Zouzou’s album “En Vers Libres” is remarkably like her life: punctuated by prestigious encounters, love stories, movies and music, darkness and glory.

Produced by Stephane Vilar and Denys Lable, illustrated by Jean-Paul Goude, it features songs written by top French songwriters such as the late Daniel Darc, Hubert-Félix Thiéfaine or Boris Bergman. Legendary folk troubadour Donovan sings a touching bilingual duet Cherchez l’erreur , and Jack Nicholson added his personal and hilarious touch to a cover of Edwyn Collins’ A guy like You.

Throughout her career, Zouzou has always kept her friends and her love for music. It was an obvious choice to gather them in a beautiful and personal album.


1. Nous sommes ce que nous fûmes
2. Cherchez l’erreur
3. C’est bonus ou c’est pas grave
4. Ainsi soit-il 77
5. Fourniture
6. Les matins ordinaires
7. Juste blessée
8. Compartiment C Voiture 293 Edward Hopper 1938
9. Other Days you don’t
10. Tôt le matin
11. Les mêmes
12. Petite Fille
13. Ta Cigarette
14. A guy like you